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Carthage Read Across America Week: March 4-8

Posted Date: 3/01/24 (4:00 PM)

Oh, the places we'll go, in our Carthage elementary schools, as we celebrate Read Across America with joyous cheers!

🌟 On Mixed-up Monday, let's turn things around, with patterns and colors, oh what a sound! Wear polka dots, stripes, mismatched delight, for a day that's a hoot, and a sight that's just right!

🎩 Cat in the Hat Day, it's a marvelous spree, wear your favorite hat, just like the Cat, you'll see! Stripes on your socks, or a bow on your shoe, let's honor our friend with a giggle or two!

📝 Wordy Wednesday, a day for the words, wear your shirt with phrases, let's soar with the birds! From "Once upon a time" to "The end" with a bow, let's celebrate stories, and the places they go!

🐻 Theodore Thursday, a tribute so grand, dress as your favorite character, take a stand! Horton or Lorax, Thing One or Thing Two, the choices are endless, for me and for you!

🌈 And as we draw near, to Fave Color Friday, let's shine bright and clear, in colors so fiery! Wear your favorite hue, from crimson to blue💙, let's celebrate reading, with all that we do!

📚So join us, dear friends, in this week of delight, from March 4th to 8th, let's read with all our might! With Dr. Seuss and Read Across America, let's make reading a joy!